The Workplace Conundrum: How and Why to Create a Workplace Wardrobe

Creating a workplace wardrobe can sometimes be very challenging. At times, we tend to shape our clothing around our coworkers, bosses, and the general working environment.

Why Should You Create a Workplace Wardrobe?

In simple terms, once you’ve secured the job, then what you wear determines a lot of your time at that job. You’ve probably heard a million times that you should dress for the job you want. But after you’ve secured your job, then you’ll go back to dressing how you were. Then, you would not be so worried impressing so many people. But before you hang up your suit and tie, there are reasons why you should create a wardrobe for your workplace.

One, it gives you creativity that you didn’t have before. You think you’re that person who knows how to properly dress, but what about those really intense moments when you have nothing to wear? And you can’t buy anything? And you have to be at an event in an hour? Having a workplace wardrobe allows you to be creative with what you have.

Second, impressions mean everything. Okay, this one might sound very repetitive and cliche, but it’s true. By making a good impression, it leads the way for your achievements and skills to be displayed. A person who displays a good first impression than one who doesn’t is more likely to receive positive feed back. What you don’t want to happen is for someone to cast judgment on you within the first 20 seconds of the meeting. By having a workplace wardrobe, your clothes won’t get in the way of what you want.

Third, workplace attire promotes a confident, secure individual who is ready to tackle anything that stands in their way. For some reason, hiring managers believe that someone who looks professional is someone worth talking to. It’s called “power dressing.” Have you every put on a red jacket or tie and feel like you can conquer the world? While it may have to do with the color psychology of red itself, it’s mainly about we want to feel powerful, and we want to be respected in the workplace. So, yes, having a professional wardrobe, or “power dressing” gives us a boost of confidence, and it displaces that around our coworkers and bosses.

How do You Create a Workplace Wardrobe?

Everyone’s workplace wardrobe is not going to look the same because every business is different. So, there is no definitive way to dress professional. There are many options, and you must consider your industry and the professionally levels of the outfit you should wear. Someone working at a fast food environment would not show up to work in a suit jacket and tie. Also, someone working in the medical field wouldn’t show up in jeans and flip flops.

First, look to your closet. Everyone does not have the funds to go out and create an entirely new wardrobe. For certain cases, what you have in your closet will work. Additionally, it saves you a lot money and time. When we use from our closet, then you’re able to be creative with what you have instead of piling more clothes into your closet. Sometimes you may not realize it, but even workplace attire can be casual as well. A stylish black dress can be professional at your 9-5, and and at 6, it’s perfect for cocktails.

Second, make a decision. Understanding what you should and shouldn’t wear in an essential part to building a workplace wardrobe. If you are a person who does not have the capital to purchase an entire wardrobe dedicated to your place of work, then your closet will serve you greatly. If you are someone like that, turning to your wardrobe will not be a problem. You have a variety of choices, and it helps you save money.

Third, invest if you have to. This tip might sound as if it conflicts with the above statement, but there is truth in what I am telling you. Sometimes, you don’t have the right outfit, or you went from a job that is casual to business. Or, sometimes, you grow out of that blazer you wore once for your cousin’s wedding. Clothes are fragile, and therefore, it is easy to get a coffee stain in them. Instead of trying to scrub it out for thirty minutes, invest in a brand new shirt, or buy a longer skirt. It’s normal to grow out of things, and you must move with growth.

Pro Tip: Know your Body Type. There is nothing more frustrating to buy a pair of nice pants, get home, and realize that that they don’t fit them like you want them to. By dressing for your body type, you are putting on clothes that look good on your body. Therefore, you don’t haver to worry about that shirt that doesn’t do you justice, or those pair of pants that don’t look quite right on you. Therefore, you can conquer your work and the day.

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